Looking Ahead

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Looking Ahead

Financial well-BEING is AN ESSENTIAL step towards having a balanced lifestyle.
Trustee SHANE THOMAS offers some advice on Ensuring your own financial well-being.

Our goals and aspirations change as we move through the different stages of our lives. What are your hopes for the year ahead?

You may be:

  • planning a wedding
  • saving for a special holiday
  • trying to put enough away for your child to go to university
  • buying your child their first car
  • maintaining your health
  • considering how much you will need to save for retirement.

Holistic well-being is the idea of creating a balanced lifestyle that rewards you with more energy and enhanced health and fitness.

what is financial

Financial well-being is having enough money for the things that matter most to you, at each stage of your life, by learning how to use the finances you have.

Financial well-being begins with understanding your own circumstances and options.

When you have a clearer idea of the state of your finances, you can make smarter financial decisions. It allows you to save more, plan better and have less dumb debt.

It will also help you avoid financial emergencies like ‘I’m not insured’ or ‘I don’t have enough medical aid’.

Did you know?

  • The average South African household spends more than R7 000 a month paying off debt.*
  • One in five South Africans say they have no investments at all.*
  • More than half of South Africans say they will never be financially free.*

* Source: Fin24, February 2017

For most people, money means choice. Always get financial advice before you make any decisions that could affect your wealth or assets.

Speak to your financial adviser or call the Alexander Forbes Individual Advice Centre on 0860 100 444.

The reality is that without financial well-being, it will be difficult to enjoy a state of wellness in other aspects of your life.